Port of Alassio

N. 400 berths
Max length m. 30

It is possible to moor in all the port except some places reserved for fishing boats. The docks and piers are currently managed by the “Club Nautico al Mare” (Alassio Yachting Club).

Petrol, diesel and blend in dock (h. 08/19) - water and electricity - docks lighting - slide - haulage – fixed crane up to 9 t - 2 mobile cranes 25/30 t - open / covered storage - engine repairs - electrical and electronic equipment repairs - wooden and vtr boats repair - guardianship - mooring - divers - fire services - waste removal - weather - showers and toilets - car parking - phone booth.

The port of Alassio is located northeast of the town at the foot of Capo S. Croce, and is protected by a long pier with docks inside. It consists of two piers, a dock yard and some floating piers. All piers and docks are equipped with bollards and mooring rings.

Access times: from 07.00 to 24.00.
Access: pay attention to breakwater that departs from the head of the outer pier for 27.5 m towards west, get in vhf touch on channel 09-16 (listening from 09.00 to 19.00) with the Yacht Club.
Lights: 1511 (E 1170) - fixed red light, grp.2, range 2 M; 1511.2 (E 1171) - a flashing red lantern, period 3 sec., 5 M scale; 1511.4 (E 1171.2) - a light green lantern, period 3 sec., range 5 M. Seabed: good, sandy.
Depths: at the dock from 3 to 5 m. Radio: Vhf Channel 16; Yacht Club Vhf Channel 09. Prohibitions: speed max 3 knots; it is forbidden to swim and fish. It is not permitted to berth at pier (north side).
Winds: I dial, west.
Nearest safe bays: for winds of the III and IV quadrant, close to Capo Mele, near the town of Laigueglia.