Albenga, Laigueglia, Caves of Toirano and Cervo

Today the civic centre of Albenga is an open-air museum that collects testimonies of the rich Ingauna history. The heart is Piazza San Michele, surrounded by medieval buildings, of fourteenth-century and Renaissance with its seven towers. Around is a succession of squares and palaces that must be discovered getting lost in thousand of streets enclosed within the walls.

Was an ancient fishing village and today is a romantic town that closes at the western the bay of Alassio. Even today the center is characterized by narrow alleys, steps and arches to walk on foot. Today Laigueglia is also a destination for music lovers - for its jazz festival - and sports fans for the Trophy of Laigueglia, the bicycle race which in February opens the competitions of the season.

Here prehistoric men lived in condominium with bears in these natural caves of Val Varatella. Wonderful stalactites and stalagmites created by water and limestone; these caves are certainly among the most beautiful of northern Italy.

Cervo, certificated for years among "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", has kept intact its original features of a medieval village on the sea, protected by sixteenth century walls and towers and surrounded by green hills. The civic centre has been preserved with its ancient buildings and its cobbled lanes with workshops of artisans and artists.




If you want to know more about this land, is necessary to visit the following areas beyond the hills of Alassio:

Val Neva running from Cisano sul Neva and along the ancient Via del Sale, leads to Zuccarello and Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, two ancient villages that preserve intact their medieval appearance.

Val Pennavaire, characterized by dolomite rocks with marine fossils, olive and chestnut trees, pastures and white cherry trees, culminating with Colletta di Castelbianco, a village abandoned for decades, now object of a plan of restoration that make it perhaps the first European computerized village.

The Bassa Valle Arroscia with its good ground that gives its farmers many fruits: grapes, peaches, roses, olives, mushrooms and chestnuts.

The Val Lerrone ncomes from Garlenda, one of Riviera delle Palme most elegant and quiet resort centre, famous for its Golf Club and the Club of Fiat 500 mini-cars.

The territory of the area is crossed by the “road of wine and oil from the Alps to the sea” (Strada del vino e dell’olio dalle Alpi al mare) offering meetings with farm-houses, agricultural and craft and their typical products: wine, olive oil, cheeses and vegetables such as zucchini, artichokes, asparagus and tomatoes.